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Meemoo is the perfect addition to any feeding time. Made from organic cotton and filled with Polyester fibre this soft, comforting and safe bottle cover is perfect for children with allergies and asth..


Comes with FREE Cleaning Straw Brush   One of the most wasteful plastic products out there is the single use plastic straw! Each day, humans produce and utilize 500,000,000 straws and where d..


Get away from the cheap and nasty plastic ice block moulds that we are all used to and switch to silicone! Our bright and colourful tubes are the perfect way to create home made, healthy and waste fre..


The famous Haakaa wooden mushroom bowl is back! With a suction silicone base and silicone cap which not only keeps your food fresh and protected but also is a silicone plate! The super strong suct..


Sick of the half a ton of food which ends up on the floor, covering pants and getting wedged under legs during food time? Our 100% silicone suction placemats are the answer! These handy little plac..


Single use plastic is our number one dislike here at Haakaa.    Approximately 32 million tons of plastic waste are generated annually and a huge culprit which adds to this number is single use, ..


The amount of plastic wrap used to protect a sandwich might seem tiny when you scrunch it up into a ball and throw it away, but think about how much plastic wrap you go through each year. Now thin..


Silicone replacement top for your teething feeder.  The Haakaa fresh food feeder is the perfect way to introduce solids into your babies diet without the risk of choking. Simply put fruit, vege..


Keep your babies bottle warm and protect glass bottles from impact. Lightweight stretchy material deigned to fit all Haakaa wide neck glass bottles in both 180ml and 260ml.   Great for keepin..


Do you have a little person who likes to throw their bottle full force out of their pram or sneakily leave their things in unusual places taking you hours to find. Stay one step ahead and keep their b..


Has your little destructive toddler chewed the end of their straw or is it just time to replace the last one? No problem - we sell individual silicone straws which are the perfect fit for your standar..


Please note: The nipple is a 100% silicone nipple. The pink attachment in the images below is the piece your nipple sits into. This is apart of the silicone dispensing spoon. Our 100% silicone ..

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