What is Ladybug Milk Collector?

on February 18, 2022 .

What is Ladybug Milk Collector?

Our Ladybug Silicone Milk Collectors are the ultimate breast pad alternatives for mums who want to save every drop of their milk instead of soaking it up in a breast pad! Wear one on the other side while breastfeeding to catch your let-down, or wear two at a time to catch all that leakage while you carry on with your day! 

How does the Ladybug work?

It attaches to your breast with light suction to help hold it in place (the suction is super gentle so won’t draw out milk or interfere with your supply), then you wear your bra over the top for extra security! It’s super discreet under loose clothing. Any milk that would normally leak out and be soaked up can now be saved! Just make sure you empty it regularly in line with safe breast milk storage guidelines.
You could be sitting on a liquid gold mine - and you don’t even know it! ✨


Do you leak much during the day?

@ellacuthbert, thank you so much for this wonderful video! ❤️‍


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