How To Customise The Haakaa’s suction

on February 14, 2022 .
Did you know that the more air you squeeze out of your Haakaa Pump or Ladybug, the stronger the suction will be?
You can easily customise the strength of the suction to suit you! 


For moderate suction: Squeeze from the base of your Pump as you attach it to your breast.
For stronger suction: A decent squeeze from the middle of the pump's body will make it feel a lot stronger. To make it even stronger, try folding the flange back before you centre it over your nipple (see video) - this allows it to hold onto more of your breast which makes the attachment more secure.
For the ladybugs: When you're attaching it to your breast, the more you press it in at the front to expel the air, the more securely it'll be suctioned on.

Remember: the Ladybug won’t draw out milk – no matter how strongly it’s attached. It’s simply a breast pad replacement that sits inside your bra and lets you save leakage instead of soaking it up. The suction is gentle and purely to hold it in place – and you can actually use it without the suction if you prefer. Simply open the outlet on top, centre the main opening over your nipple, and your bra will help to keep it in place.


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