Why should you Haakaa?

on February 17, 2022 .
Any breastfeeding mama knows just how valuable breast milk is - there’s a reason it’s called liquid gold! Your body is amazing and puts so much effort into producing food for your bub, and so that’s why for many mums it’s super important not to let a single drop go to waste.

How does the Haakaa work?
The original Haakaa is based off a one-piece silicone design. This creates continuous suction once attached to the breast, drawing out your breast milk (hands-free, might we add!) and collecting every drop of your let-down.
The Haakaa breast pump helps you collect both foremilk and rich hindmilk. Because it’s only a piece of silicone, there’s no electricity nor any cords required, making it so easy to integrate into your daily routine! It’s silent, lightweight and portable so you can express breast milk anytime and anywhere that’s convenient for you – whether that’s at work, sitting in the car or even on a day trip!



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